Monday, November 16, 2015

EsPReSSO - A good morning starts with coffee!

In this posts I describe the tool, I wrote for my Bachelor thesis at the Chair for Network and Data Security, with support of Context Information Security Ltd.. EsPReSSO is a apronym for "Extension for Recognition and Processing of Single Sing on Protocols". The basic idea behind EsPReSSO is to automate standard tasks to detect and classify the Single Sign-On (SSO) Protocols OpenID, BrowserID, SAML, OAuth, OpenID-Connect, Facebook Connect and Microsoft Account. The tool is integrate with PortSwigger's HTTP Proxy, Burp Suite. Furthermore EsPReSSO integrates the WS-Attacker, to attack SAML services semi-automated or manually.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Playing with Certificates (from a Researcher's Perspective)

I often face a problem that I need to test several TLS servers. In order to make the tests consistent, I want to deploy the same keys and certificates on each server. However, this is not that easy, since there are several key formats and generation mechanisms. Deploying the same key to an OpenSSL and JSSE servers is thus a huge pain...
In the following, I will give a brief overview on basic certificate types and on few conversion possibilities.

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